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D.J. Van Meter, Ph.D

D.J. Van Meter Ph.D. is the principle of Van Meter & Associates, Inc. (VMA) and has spent the last 44 years in law enforcement, 15 years as a sworn officer. He has a Ph.D. in Training and Organizational Development from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio and also hold’s a Master’s Degree in Labor and Human Resource Management.

He works with counsel as an expert witness, reviews discipline and termination cases and develops customized policy and procedures manuals for all public safety organizations nationwide. He is the author of the book, Evaluating Dysfunctional Police Performance: A Z-based Approach published by Charles Thomas Publishing. Dr. Van Meter is qualified in state/federal courts as an expert in law enforcement training, use-of-force, and management and operational policies.

John Detchon

John has over 33 years of law enforcement experience in state and county law enforcement agencies. He has worked as a trooper, deputy sheriff, field training officer, jail commander, and investigation commander. John attended Kent State University and holds numerous advanced law enforcement training certifications. John’s expertise is in leadership, supervision and police report writing.


John is a graduate of the Ohio State Patrol Academy and attended
Kent State University. Apart from his formal education,
he holds numerous training certificates signifying his commitment
to continued education.

They are as follows:

  • Police Procedures, Policy and Management Theories
  • Ohio State Patrol Training Certificate
  • Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Certificate
  • Criminal Interrogation & Behavioral Analysis in Interviews
  • Ohio Peace Officer Training Council-First Line Supervisor
  • Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice Service-Crime Prevention
  • Van Meter & Associates, Inc.-Standard Task Accountability and Rating System
  • Medina County Law Enforcement Academy-Drug Interdiction
  • Public Agency Training Council-Court Security
  • Ohio Peace Officer Training Council-Basic Corrections Certificate
  • Adjunct Instructor at Cuyahoga Community College

John Popielarczyk

John Popielarczyk has spent the last twenty-six years working in law enforcement and currently serves as the Chief of Police. He has been with the department his entire career, starting as a Patrolman in 1990. In addition to his current position as Chief, he has served in a number of capacities ranging from Field Training Officer to the Administrative Captain of the department. While serving as the Administrative Captain, he developed, implemented and evaluated policies and procedures relating to employee performance and discipline, and has worked extensively with Van Meter & Associates during that process.

He has handled numerous internal investigations involving cases of employee discipline and termination, use of Last Chance Agreements, Performance Improvement Plans and in preparing cases for the discipline process, including arbitration. He has been involved in a number of cases that have gone to court or arbitration and has been successful in defending those cases and bringing them to a satisfactory conclusion.

Zaron Miller

Zaron Miller is a co-founder and has been with Van Meter & Associates for the past 35 years as the Operations Manager.  She provides technical and logistical support for all administrative personnel; serves as the liaison between administrative personnel and associates by communicating needs and concerns so they can be handled expeditiously. She leads and assists in the selecting of associates for special instruction; overseeing their output.

She also implements customer service standards and evaluates departmental hosting feasibility based on their ability to meet those standards. Zaron either directly handles or delegates the handling of every training class through inception to post course follow up via email, phone, fax, or the VMANET.COM. 

Katie Bishop

Katie Bishop has been an Associate since 2001 working as a CSR, Administrative Assistant, CMS Administrator, and Logistics Coordinator.

Prior to becoming an Associate, she served for 14 years in the travel industry.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wittenberg University.

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