Standard Operating Policies and Procedures Manual

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Is your Standard Operating Policy and Procedures Manual up to date?

Through years of research and development supported by case law, Van Meter & Associates, Inc. is offering a current SOPP Manual.

This Microsoft Word product contains over 400 policies.  You can customize your SOPP manual to suit your agencies needs incorporating your own unique customs, practices, and traditions. 


"The SOPP Manual has brought us more professionalism, more accountability
and increased the organizations preparedness".
Chief Daniel C. Meyers, Montgomery Police Department, IL
"The SOPP policy manual was more in-depth than expected and up to date.”
Sheriff Brian Mickelson, Webster County Sheriff's Office, IA
"Why reinvent the wheel when your updates in the SOPP are at your finger tips."
Chief Mark Garratt, Oakwood Village Police Dept, OH
"A very detailed and comprehensive manual that effectively integrates
 with our departments policing philosophy".
Chief Tim Kalavsky, Hinckley, OH


Each manual comes partially customized with the name of your agency and Chief/Sheriff, where appropriate. The manual can be used as is, or integrated into your existing manual. 

Van Meter & Associates, Inc. is available to help update any policy manuals.



Complete Customization

Includes the Standards of Conduct!


Call 800-331-8025 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order your copy.

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