Performance Improvement Program (PIP) 6–hours 

Instructor: D.J. Van Meter, Ph.D.

PIP’s are well accepted by courts, arbiters, civil review boards and employees as a non-punitive means for dealing with employee performance deficiencies. They reduce the burden on management by placing the responsibility squarely on the employee’s shoulders for improvement, reduce the basis for grievances because they are non-punitive methods for correcting deficient performance and they provide a valid offense against claims of illegal discrimination.

  • The three causes for performance failure
  • Standards for determining when performance needs improvement
  • The advantages of performance improvement plans over punitive action
  • How to develop a Performance Improvement Plan
  • What it takes to enforce an improvement plan


Attendees will receive a certificate of training, a class manual and hard copies of model forms and policies to use as resources for implementing this program into their agencies.

Class can be presented in-house at a reduced cost. Classes are limited to 30-35 students. For information on contact Zaron Miller at 800-331-8025 or E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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