Absenteeism Control and Tracking System (ACTS) 6-hours 

Instructor: D.J. Van Meter, Ph.D.

This course is specifically designed for supervisors and managers who need an effective and defensible method for promoting attendance, and establishing accountability for excessive and non-scheduled absenteeism. While a certain amount of absenteeism is to be expected in any organization, excessive and non-scheduled absenteeism must be controlled. Attendees will learn that the majority of courts and arbiters support management’s right to require members to attend work on a regular and predictable basis. Effective strategies for controlling absenteeism and computerized systematic procedure for tracking and evaluating non-scheduled absenteeism system is introduced. Learn how an agency reduced absenteeism over 40% by implementing this system.

This course will teach attendees how to:

  • Objectively measure, document, and evaluate non-scheduled absenteeism.
  • Establish an effective absenteeism control system within their agencies.
  • Target specific employees for improvement and place them on notice without illegal discrimination, and without creating a threat to non-problem employees.

Students receive a course outline, numerous courts and arbitrator cites that support management’s position, the computerized ACTS system, absenteeism control policy, sick leave forms and medical evaluation report.

“Excellent Presentation” MO

“Good basis for evaluating sick time” MO

All classes can be presented in-house

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