Fairness and Respect: Unity in the Workplace  6-hours  

Instructor: D.J. Van Meter, PhD.

Rationale:  Although America is a country consisting of diverse cultures and beliefs, all respond to two human values: Where “Fairness and Respect” are honored, there will be ever lasting peace.  Violate these values and you will have never ending war.

After 53 years of dozens of federal and state discrimination laws, hundreds of administrative agencies still have diversity problems, illegal discrimination, and employee harassment in the work environment. Learn more about what can be done to work towards eliminating the problems.

An on-line 25 question quiz will be made available for those that want to assess their understanding of course content.


  • Issues most don’t understand about anti-discrimination laws. Example-discrimination is necessary, desirous and legal.
  • Follow five standards and you will never go wrong- ever.
  • Practical changes organizations can make to improve the work environment.                                                 

All classes can be presented in-house at a reduced cost. Classes are limited to 30-35 students. For information on contact Zaron Miller at 800-331-8025 or E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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