Meet Our Team


Dr. D. J. Van Meter is the principal of D. J. Van Meter and Associates, Incorporated in Columbus, Ohio, a position he has held since 1982. His expertise extends across all contingent states, where he applies principles from Behavioral Science, Labor-Management, and Human Performance Technology to enhance performance efficiency within public safety forces agencies.

Dr. Van Meter’s distinguished career includes fifteen years of service with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. During this time, he held the ranks of Trooper, Sergeant, and lieutenant, and also contributed significantly as part of the Patrol’s Training Academy Staff.

His commitment to professional development led him to attend and successfully graduate from the Northwestern University Traffic Institute Nine-Month program in Evanston, Illinois, specializing in law enforcement management.

Dr. Van Meter’s academic accomplishments are:

  • Associate Degree in Police Science from Lorain County Community College, Elyria, Ohio.
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science from the College of Arts and Science at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
  • Master’s in Labor and Human Resources from The Ohio State University’s Graduate School, Columbus, Ohio, and received the school’s distinguished Pace Setter Award.
  • Doctorate of Philosophy from The Ohio State University’s Graduate School, Columbus, Ohio.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Van Meter authored the book titled “Evaluating Police Dysfunctional Performance: A Zero-Based Approach”, published by Charles Thomas Publishing in Springfield, Illinois in 2001.

His expertise extends beyond academia. Dr. Van Meter has served as an Expert witness in Police Use of Force cases and Expert Witness in Labor Arbitration.

John Hall

Associate/John Hall’s  experience in law enforcement has been filled with professionalism and strong leadership skills. He has managed Patrol Operations and was adept at bringing critical incidents to a successful resolution. John has served as a Certified Police Instructor assigned to a police academy for recruitment training in Arrest, Search and Seizure. John has been recognized throughout his career for initiating, building, and supporting departmental initiatives including the creation of a Special Operations Unit & Physical Fitness Evaluations. He received the honor of being “Officer of the Year in 2007.” John was part of the US Customs task force responsible for the investigation of importation of narcotics in the US. He also investigated the influence of organized crime in NY and NJ as it relates to criminal offenses, corruption, and unfair labor practices. John also has a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Kean College, New Jersey.

Brian LaBarre

Associate/Brian LaBarre  is a NJ Police Training Commission Certified Instructor, active in instructing a wide range of police training topics.  He is currently a Sergeant with a major New Jersey Police Department and instructs the Basic Recruit Class at a major New Jersey Training Academy on Report Writing. He has also assisted in teaching the Methods of Instruction course required to be taken by officers seeking to become certified instructors. Brian has developed several blocks of instruction for use in his own department’s training program. Prior to being promoted into his current role, Brian was assigned as a Detective, specializing in fraud and financial crimes investigations. Brian attend the University of Maryland and attained his Bachelor of Arts from the College of St. Elizabeth, where he now serves as a voluntary mentor to students majoring in the Justice Studies track.


John Popielarczyk Ret. Chief /Associate has spent twenty-six years working in law enforcement. He has served in numerous capacities ranging from Field Training Officer to the Administrative Captain and retired as Chief of the department. While serving as the Administrative Captain, he developed, implemented, and evaluated policies and procedures relating to employee performance and discipline, and has worked extensively with Van Meter & Associates during that process. He has handled numerous internal investigations involving cases of employee discipline and termination, use of Last Chance Agreements, Performance Improvement Plans and in preparing cases for the discipline process, including arbitration.