Discipline and Termination:  Rules, Policies and Procedures 8–hours 

Instructor: D.J. Van Meter, Ph.D or John Popielarczyk

The traditional punitive approach to progressive discipline and termination has become increasing burdensome and complex. Civil rights laws, unions and civil service board provide too many opportunities for problem employees to file frivolous grievances and law suits. Management needs to include non- punitive approaches, last chance agreements and no-fault terminations to deal with employees who will not or can’t comply with the rules of the organization and be productive.

Attendees will be taught:

  • How court and arbiters’ support for management’s right to enforce its rules, policies, procedures and practices with discipline and termination.
  • The principles of Just Cause and Due Process as they apply to progressive discipline and terminations.
  • How to use traditional v. non-traditional approaches to progressive discipline and termination.

Each student will take home class manual, model forms ready to use and a training certificate.


“I really enjoyed the class. Thanks for sending the information.  We will put it to good use.  Looking forward to more educational opportunities in the future.”

- Dave Farris, Executive Director KaneComm (Kane County Emergency Communications), Illinois

"Dr. Van Meter’s presentations are outstanding. I use his information all the time."

- Lt. Stephen Weiler, Forest Park, Il


All classes can be presented in-house at a reduced cost. Classes are limited to 30-35 students. For information on contact Zaron Miller at 800-331-8025 or E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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