Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.”

Three major areas for improving performance:

  1. Abusive Use of Sick Time
  2. Preventable Performance Errors
  3. Inefficient and Ineffective Use of Productive Work Time are the three major areas for improving performance.

 If what you have been doing has not worked and told, you can do nothing else; you deserve a second opinion and a better solution.

Initial Consultation: No fee is charged for an initial telephone consultation (of short duration with no additional follow-up required) regarding case history and background issues. Call: 614-451-8914.

Follow-Up Work Requests

Specific Performance Improvement Plans: We will work with agencies to customize specific Performance Improvement Plans.

Expert-Witnessing:  We offer expert witnessing in arbitration and civil trials related to discipline, termination, performance evaluations, and management and labor-relation issues.

Van Meter and Associates, Inc. is committed to working closely with clients by keeping them informed of important issues as they develop.

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